Understanding Concrete Pavers

What can pavers do to your American home? This is a question commonly asked by many home enthusiasts. Here is a perfect answer;

  • They can increase the resale value of your property by over 60%
  • They add an aesthetic feel to your premises
  • They complement your landscape in a great way
  • They make your premises stand out among many in the neighborhood

The above are just but a few benefits that pavers can offer. One important thing to note, however is that you can use different materials to construct your pavers, based on your personal taste and the results you want to achieve at the end. You can decide to use bricks, natural stone, or concrete. The decision purely lies in your hands.

Concrete has however surpassed all the other materials as far as paving is concerned. Most Americans are preferring concrete pavers for their homes and business premises. Whereas this is the fact on the ground, let us analyze the pros and cons of concrete pavers.


They are economical

You don’t have to break your bank just because you need pavers in your outdoor space. Compared to other paving materials, concrete pavers are less expensive, and will help you achieve all your desires within your budget. With them, you don’t need to always disturb your family and friends that you need a loan to complete a project, you can do it at an affordable price.

They are flexible

With concrete pavers, you can achieve any design you want. In fact, you can mimic any high-end building material you can thing of using concrete pavers such as brick, marble, natural stone, flagstone, wood and many more. You can make whatever you can imagine with concrete pavers, as long as you make effort to work with a professional concrete contractor.

They are easy to install

Concrete pavers are uniform, and can easily be cut and installed. For a fact, they are a perfect choice for people who are DIY projects fanatics. Instead of paying hugely for a top-notch concrete contractor to come and lay them, you can call your family and friends and do it as a fun event.


Color might fade

Decorative concrete pavers are dyed with color pigments, hence they are prone to fading especially is hot areas. This means that with time, your good-looking pavers can eventually turn to be the ugliest elements in your outdoor space.

They might need regular sealing

In an effort to help maintain their color for longer, home owners might be forced to apply sealants on regular basis. This is not only inconveniencing, but it also makes their maintenance an expensive venture that can be difficult to live with.

Quality varies

Concrete pavers don’t come from one manufacturer, like their counterparts that are naturally sought. They therefore vary largely in quality. Having many brands in the United States, choosing the best is not an easy task. Some concrete pavers will even crack and crumble even before they reach the site.

PS: all the cons of concrete can be taken care of in three easy steps;

  1. Through proper sealing and using the best sealants in the market
  2. Through staining and stamping
  3. Through purchasing them from renowned brands at reasonable prices