Questions You Should Never Forget To Ask Your Concreter

You have been in the market for days, and finally, you have found the concreter your instincts trust, and the one you believe will provide you with the best services while still complementing your budget.

However, before you sign a contract with him, below are a few questions you should ask;

expert concreter

When will the project start?

The fact that you want to hire a concrete contractor means that you are ready to kick-start your project. Therefore, you need to know whether the concreter is ready to start. The biggest mistake you can make is to hire a concreter who is too busy, and will only start your project as soon as he is done with the others.

This question will help you determine the reliability of the concreter you are working with. If he tells you that he will start in a month or so, then this professional is not reliable. Go for the one who has enough equipment and manpower to start working on your project as soon as now.

How long will the project take?

Remember, the concrete contractor will be working in your home or business. As such, his activities might cause a lot of inconveniences. You don’t want this to go on for long. Therefore, ensure you analyse what is required of the project, and come up with a deadline for the project. If the concreter cannot meet the deadline, then go on with your search.

What happens if you need something that wasn’t quoted in the initial estimate?

Of course, a good concrete contractor gave you a quote free of charge. However, you know that there are some unexpected charges that might arise for your project to be completed successfully. Therefore, ask whether you will be required to meet these costs yourself, or you will be given a separate quote for it.

Do you subcontract?

A professional concreter has all the equipment and manpower to ensure that they complete the job from start to finish. Therefore, asking this question will help you determine the professionalism of the concreter you are working with. If he subcontracts, this means that he hasn’t invested well in his business; thus he lacks some measures of professionalism.

Also, subcontracting can extend the time required to complete your project. Therefore, don’t sign a contract with a concreter who will answer this question in the affirmative.

Can I see the qualifications of the technicians who will be working on my project?

For a fact, the concreter you are talking to might not be the one who will undertake your project. Therefore, to get peace of mind, ask to see the academic qualifications and accreditations of the technicians who will be working in your home or business. This will also ensure the company you are working with is super professional.

Do you offer warranties on products and guarantees on workmanship?

By offering warranties on products and guarantees on workmanship, it means that a concreter is highly confident with his services. Also, it ensures that in case of any issues that might arise within the warranty period and under the warranty terms, you will not incur any repair costs.

Well, if the concreter you are working for has given you the answers to these questions, even going to an extent of showing proof to back up the answers, go ahead and append your signature on the agreement!